When you’re stuck at work

Last week I read for T, who was feeling really stuck in his work situation. He’s been with the same company for a long time (15+ years) and up until recently he’s found the work really satisfying. He came to me to see if I could help him clarify his situation at work.

We sat down together and came up with a spread that would help address his questions.

T’s Work Spread

1: T himself. Where he is right now in regards to the situation.

2: What he wants and needs.

3: The situation at work.

4: What’s holding him back?

5: How to go forward?

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Five-card reading for myself

It’s been some time since I did a larger reading for myself. In the good old days when I was a tarot newbie (back in high school in the early 90s) a Celtic Cross was pretty much all I’d do. It just seemed to be the “done thing”. I’ve since learned that smaller readings don’t necessarily give smaller results. If anything, your mind isn’t stretched in so many directions at once, and you can really go deeper into your reading.

That said, in adding some new five-card readings to my shop I decided it was high time for me to do one for myself. I used the Victoria Regina:

five-card draw

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Looking back at old readings

Tarot is a funny sort of thing, isn’t it. Seemingly innocuous pictures on bits of card (of varying quality) are spread out on a surface somewhere, and meaning is inferred from the pictures, symbols, colours, numbers, and the rest. It’s a lot like reading a book, really, and I’m by no means the first person who has likened a deck of tarot cards to a book. But instead of looking at them linearly (like we might a book), they’re more like a giant esoteric card catalogue, where everything references something else, and those things in turn reference yet something further – and if you think about it, it’s really not all that surprising that we are able to glean information that relates to every one of us in the cards, because as we look at the pictures we see parts of ourselves in them.

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Reading for a small person

Hello! I’m sorry I’ve been away for so long. From time to time I get busy with life, other hobbies and other concerns. Since my last post we’ve sold our house, packed up, moved to a lovely little seaside suburb, and filled the new place with boxes. We’ve slowly been unpacking, but it’s taking longer than we’d hoped it would, as our snippets of spare time usually get rapidly filled.

Leila, my little one, is now one and a half! She’s really a big girl now. And for the most of this year she’s been doing really well with her sleeping. She’s got into a good routine, seems to go down pretty easily at night and, apart from a few peeps here and there, sleeps through the night.

Last night was something different. I haven’t seen her like this in a long time. She seemed to go down without any trouble, but she woke up at around 11pm (right when Steve and I were tucked up and turning out our lights). She was really upset. Crying and crying. And nothing we could do would settle her. We tucked her in again, gave her her dummy, put on her “musical bug” that she loves to have in bed with her. I gave her a feed. I even brought her into our bed (something we never do), thinking that might calm her down.

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