Such a hermit!

So today I drew these cards:

And I can’t help but heavily identify with the silent hermit with her head up among the stars, dreamily meandering. A life of inner satisfaction, of not seeking attention, of following one’s own path with only your own small light to guide you. I think in my heart of hearts the Hermit is one of my touchstone figures. (Along with the Empress, and oddly, the Devil. Hey, I’m a Capricorn.)

Next to the Hermit is the Page of Cups. Who could this represent? Hm, let me think:

Uh-huh. Good luck with that hermiting.

The Ace of Swords I take as representing all of the mental and writerly pursuits that are developing  in my life. A new job. Some new writing projects I’m trying to get under way. Even just that sense of wanting to get on top of things, to find some clarity; things I’m getting from my new meditation habit.

The Hermit very much likes this Ace of Swords. It promises hermity excitement: advancement of the mind, sharpening of one’s abilities. The sort of activity every good hermit looks forward to doing at home in their cave. Solo.

But as straightforward as that sort of environment may seem, there’s the sense of the inevitable there too. A person who spends all their time in an ordered environment, with every step planned and executed as expected, is missing something, I feel.

A bit of chaos. An emotional burst. Passion.

It makes me realise how things would be if I didn’t have Leila in my life. Sure, I’d probably be getting more words written per day, and have more “me” time. But there’d be less spontaneous joy, fewer surprises, and laugh-out-loud moments.

I’m currently in the middle of the Creativity Pack for the Headspace meditation app, and I’m learning as my meditation practice deepens, that conditions for creativity are optimal when you can fluctuate between keeping the mind busy, and then letting it be open. Working with the tension between letting something go, and then bringing it back. Release, and control.

That’s what I’m getting from the cards today, anyway 🙂

Paulina Tarot
By Paulina Cassidy
Copyright ©2009 by US Games
ISBN: 978-1-57281-629-5

Reading for a small person

Hello! I’m sorry I’ve been away for so long. From time to time I get busy with life, other hobbies and other concerns. Since my last post we’ve sold our house, packed up, moved to a lovely little seaside suburb, and filled the new place with boxes. We’ve slowly been unpacking, but it’s taking longer than we’d hoped it would, as our snippets of spare time usually get rapidly filled.

Leila, my little one, is now one and a half! She’s really a big girl now. And for the most of this year she’s been doing really well with her sleeping. She’s got into a good routine, seems to go down pretty easily at night and, apart from a few peeps here and there, sleeps through the night.

Last night was something different. I haven’t seen her like this in a long time. She seemed to go down without any trouble, but she woke up at around 11pm (right when Steve and I were tucked up and turning out our lights). She was really upset. Crying and crying. And nothing we could do would settle her. We tucked her in again, gave her her dummy, put on her “musical bug” that she loves to have in bed with her. I gave her a feed. I even brought her into our bed (something we never do), thinking that might calm her down.

Well she did calm down, but there was no sleeping. She was up until 2:30. And then she woke up again at 5:30. Continue reading

The coming week

Wow, so many decks, so little time. I can’t believe I haven’t written about the Haindl yet! The Haindl, created by Hermann Haindl with his amazing and Germanically-freaky artwork, with symbolism that incorporates (quoting the box here) “many esoteric and religious traditions, particularly Native American, the Holy Grail, the I Ching, Kabbalah and the Runes.”

Rachel Pollack wrote two books about this deck. Two. I have read them, and I don’t doubt that there are immense riches to be gained from referring back to her books every two seconds, but I don’t have the time or the patience to do so these days.

Fortunately if you have a little bit of an imagination there is still a great deal you can get from these cards. And I sincerely do feel that once you are able to “speak the language” of tarot, it really is your prerogative to read the cards any way you choose.

But I digress.

I didn’t have much time really today to dedicate to a reading (the bubba has been sick and putting her down for naps has been an exercise in frustration most days this week). But in any case I grabbed my handy Haindl, gave a quick shuffle, and asked: “what’s in store for me over the next week?”

I drew three cards:

Haindl - three card draw

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Stars, Sun and Moon

I did a reading for someone earlier this week, using a well-seasoned deck that I really enjoy, but don’t use often enough: the Jolanda Tarot, by Hans Arnold. The Jolanda is a deck that has a great deal of depth to it (it’s a reprint of the Swedish Witch Tarot, created by Jolanda Den Tredjes, who is a famous witch in Sweden). But what I really like about it is that it isn’t a straight clone of any of the ‘tarot schools’. It also has a youthful freshness about it that I really enjoy, but it doesn’t fall into the traps that so-called “young” decks sometimes do, which often results in them feeling a bit shallow. (Absolutely no offense intended for those of you who identify yourselves as “young”. What I mean to say is that many of the decks that try to slate themselves to the young person’s market often come up a bit short, or like they are trying just that little bit too hard.)

In any case, it’s a deck that feels like a young person with an old soul. It’s energetic, good looking, vibrant and unusual. When I first received my copy I found it a little difficult to read with. What to make of the strange gnomelike creatures, the oddly-placed animals, and the interesting (yet symbolically unique) human-animal hybrids? In the end I let it all go and just went with the flow – and wound up with some very lovely and insightful readings as a result. (Oh – and the artwork is fantastic. Simple but much more to my taste than the cartoony style of some of the Lo Scarabeo decks (Initiatory Tarot of the Golden Dawn, I’m looking at you!) with large barbie doll breasted women dripping with water done in a really comic book style – and don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of comics and graphic novels. It just still feels out of place to me in a tarot deck.)

In any case, I was performing a reading for someone using this deck. I gave it another good shuffle and drew:


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Deck of the Week: The Wild Unknown tarot

Well, the Wild Unknown was just a little too exciting for me this week, so I’m going to defer the Rosetta to next week (assuming of course that the bub hasn’t arrived yet then!).

Taking a cue from the lovely Saidenne blog, I thought I’d do an interview for this new deck before getting into anything too personal. Without further adieu, I present The Wild Unknown Deck Interview:

WU laying the cards

What’s in store?

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Pregnancy developments

I’m still doing the daily Chagallian draw, however while I was having my cereal this morning I thought I’d do a 3-card draw of the Flornoy Noblet, my current favourite Marseille deck (and the one I’m using as I slowly work through J-M David’s Reading the Marseille Tarot). Just to stretch the mind a little, you see.

I shuffled the deck, just thinking about the day, and the rest of the week, and wondering what was in store. I drew:

IIII Wands – Ace Derniers – V Wands

Noblet 09.01.13

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