A Date With the Queen

queen victoria

…the Victoria Regina Tarot, that is.

I’ve only just started working with this wonderful deck. The artwork is black and white collage, taken from steel and wood engravings from the Victorian era, and has pens, guns, mason jars, and pocket watches for its suits. I’m not usually a fan of collage (though I have a few collage decks in my collection) but this whole deck just feels right.

I’m going to stick with it for a bit, so you’ll see more of the cards over the following days and weeks. I really am keen to learn more about the different people in the court cards especially. For now, though, I thought I would post my usual “getting to know you” deck interview with this lovely lady.

Deck Interview with Victoria Regina1. What is your personality? The Fool.
So our queen is a Victorian eccentric! She’s also joyful, enthusiastic and fun to be around. Okay, so it may turn out that she’s a little unpredictable and kooky, but that just makes readings with this deck feel unexpected and spontaneous. I like the idea of working with a deck that is going to surprise me. The Fool is such a great, chaotic card: it’s everything and nothing all at once, silly and insightful yet destructive in its ability to break up the status quo. If this deck, which appears so amazing at first-glance, is channelling its inner Fool, then I’m totally coming along for the ride.

2. What sort of readings are you good at giving? The Moon.
The Moon is another general favourite card, and this one is particularly lovely. Sitting casually upon her crescent moon, the moon maiden of this card spreads stardust and dreams in her wake. The binoculars on the card indicate that although the Moon is a dreamy card of fantasy and the unconscious, this deck will help us see clearly when all is a bit opaque. With my fears and desires, the fantastic and the creative, this deck will help me when I need to gain some clarity.

3. What do you think of me? Ace of Cups
And me? The deck sees me as emotionally receptive right now. Open to new experiences, ready to have a go. I’ve a big capacity for feeling. I’m sensitive and emotional. Big hearted.

That pretty much hits the nail on the head.

Victoria Regina Tarot
By Sarah Ovenall and Georg Patterson
Copyright © 2002 Lo Scarabeo
ISBN: 978-1567185317

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