Adieu, Dreaming Way

It’s the last day of working with the Dreaming Way deck. It’s been an unusual week, with a few surprising readings. Most were pretty “wide-focus”; at least they seemed to be at the time. I’ve decided next month to go back through my journal and have a review of January’s readings. Looking back at old readings is often the best way to really get a good feel for what a reading was really saying at the time. Often you’re just too close to the situation, or the querant (i.e. yourself) to objectively read at the time.

I didn’t have too much of a problem looking at today’s draw though:

DW 25.01.13

Queen of Pentacles – King of Pentacles – 4 Pentacles

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The benefits of a good snooze

I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be able to keep up with the AT Deck of the Week, what with being due any day now! I’ll see how I get on, but would like to still try and work with a different deck each week, though I can’t see myself keeping up with a daily draw – especially in the early days and weeks of looking after a newborn!

That said, I am very much enjoying being able to spend a bit of time with one deck (though only one week can at times feel like I’m just scratching the surface, as was the case with the Wild Unknown tarot), and often find that what I learn while working with one deck can often carry over to the next, even though the imagery and system might be completely different. I keep changing my mind all the time about which deck I’d like to work with next. The Vision Quest is an old favourite that I haven’t used for a little while, as is the Cosmic Tarot, and I still do want to get back to the Rosetta.

There have also been a few more arrivals in the post:

Grimaud, NTotMS book, Place Buddha

Vintage Grimaud deck, Navigators Tarot of the Mystic SEA book, and Buddha Tarot by Robert Place

(I purchased the “possibly pre-60s” (but still vintage) Grimaud Tarot de Marseille, and Place Buddha decks through the AT Trade forums. (That place is dangerous!) The book, which accompanies the deck that arrived last week, was bought second hand through Amazon Marketplace.  I’ve had the Buddha deck previously, and then traded it away. Still have the companion book though, and later I thought I’d been a bit hasty in trading the deck, so have managed to find another.)

Want a closer look at the Grimaud? Here’s more:

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Am I like Hans Castorp?

Wheel of Fortune – Knight of Pentacles – Hierophant

DW 22.01.13

The Wheel of Fortune – Knight of Pentacles – The Hierophant

I wondered how long it would take before the Wheel of Fortune card showed up… I’d like to think she’s untangling the mess, but perhaps she’s just making things worse! In any case, the wheel spins onwards, and change is afoot; what I’m experiencing now won’t last forever. Eventually that tangle will get untied!

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Deck of the Week: Dreaming Way Tarot

After some agonizing on Friday evening (and a near-swerve to plucking out an old favourite, the Cosmic Tarot, which I haven’t used for a while), I’ve finally decided to go with the Dreaming Way Tarot for this week’s DoTW…


Dreaming Way Tarot, US Games

For all of its initially whimsical qualities, this is actually a rather odd deck; and I mean that in the best sense of the word. At first glance it is easy to dismiss it as a Rider Waite clone, but then you start to notice strange little details, which hopefully I’ll be able to look into with greater depth this week.

I skipped the interview spread and dove straight in with this one:

DW 19.01.13

6 Cups – 5 Cups – 4 Swords

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