Klimt morning messages


(Really such a pretty deck!)

Klimt always felt a bit rich for my blood – but lately I’ve really been enjoying the Golden Tarot of Klimt deck. Ever since I did a few readings at a potlatch dinner with some friends, and one of them picked this deck.

The figures just never spoke to me much before – aside from me finding them too austere (despite the lush fabrics and motifs in the rest of the artwork), but in coming back to my decks lately I find I’m drawn to some of the different ones.

Today’s wet and rainy, and Steve has gone to a bike race, while Leila and I are holding the fort at home. I’m a bit sore and feeling out of whack after I fell down the stairs yesterday afternoon! I managed to pull off a yoga DVD this morning though, so I do feel like I’ve got a few of the kinks out.

Knight of Wands and Queen of Chalices this morning are an interesting combination! The Knight is very much me on my mission to get the first draft of my book finished (I’m at 86,000 words and the end is looming!). He’s all about the process, about showing up at the desk every day, and feeling that rush of excitement that comes with getting close to the end of my goal!

I’m still puzzling with the Queen of Chalices though – to me she could represent my worrying about things, getting over-emotional, and over-thinking the work rather than just going into BICHAK (Butt In Chair, Hands On Keyboard) mode. Not as intuitive as some other cards (The Moon, High Priestess, etc), I still see that intuition-vibe coming from her at the same time. Maybe a small note not to drink too much at this stage – I need my wits about me, and my energy levels high! Vague? I may have to return to this card over the coming days to see if I can make more sense of it. She’s certainly standing in start contrast to the Knight, however. Balance between rushing in too fast, and dawdling over the manuscript, trying to get it just right? Quite possibly.

The Hanged Man could be me taking my tumble down the stairs yesterday (seeing the world upside down!), or it could be the enjoyable yoga I did today and would like to start to make a practice again. It could also be my resolution for these school holidays – I’m going to get up early during the week and get my writing in then. Stretching myself, doing something different, in order to make a difference. Like the quote goes: if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.

Golden Tarot of Klimt
By A. Atanassov
Copyright © 2005 Lo Scarabeo
ISBN: 0-73870-790-2

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