When you’re stuck at work

Last week I read for T, who was feeling really stuck in his work situation. He’s been with the same company for a long time (15+ years) and up until recently he’s found the work really satisfying. He came to me to see if I could help him clarify his situation at work.

We sat down together and came up with a spread that would help address his questions.

T’s Work Spread

1: T himself. Where he is right now in regards to the situation.

2: What he wants and needs.

3: The situation at work.

4: What’s holding him back?

5: How to go forward?

Using the Vision Quest deck, we drew the following cards: Father of Air, Nine of Fire (Inner Strength), Mother of Earth, Ten of Earth (Wealth) and Seven of Earth (Depletion).work_reading


The Father of Air at the centre of the reading represents T. He is logical, mature, and established in his position, which is a technical, scientific one. With the Nine of Fire as his needs and wants, this confirms his need for a job that helps to foster his passion, inner self-reliance and inspiration. What he is instead having to do is perform the Mother of Earth role for his team. Most of his time is spent shepherding, guiding, and tending to others’ needs and wants (as well as egos). Neither his true Father of Air nature, or his Nine of Fire needs are being served in his current position; no wonder he is starting to feel dissatisfied.

What is stopping him from making any changes though is the Ten of Earth, or Wealth card. The pay in his current job is great, and combined with his current financial commitments and dependents at home, this is an important factor for him. Apart from the mis-fit with his role, things feel plentiful and secure, and this is certainly not something he wants to throw away.

The Seven of Earth, or Depletion, however was a bit of a wake-up call for him.  He agreed that the situation at work is not one that can be sustained, long-term. The demands on him, and his colleagues, are incredibly high, and they feel as if they don’t get a great deal of support from their higher-ups. The overall mood at work is that sooner or later,  a lot of burn-out is going to start happening – and the image of the depleted earth and dried-out sunflower on the card only supports this. One aspect of this card that really stood out to T was the crow, perched atop the sunflower husk. He read into this: “unlike the sunflower the crow’s well prepared to get out of there. It’s not stuck, like the sunflower is.”

T is determined not to be the last one left behind, feeling mired and unable to see a way out. As a result he decided that as a first step, he would begin to get his affairs in order: dust off his CV and even talk to a few job agents. While he’s not quite ready to leave his job, the reading helped him see that getting prepared in case he did need to suddenly “jump ship” would help the transition to not be as traumatic as it would be if he continued in his current course.

Vision Quest Tarot
By Gayan S. Winter / Jo Dosé
Copyright © 1998 AGMüller
ISBN (10): 3-905219-44-1

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