A Tower Day

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It’s been a total and complete Tower day today. Huge changes. Big upheavals. Life moving in new directions, torquing, shifting…

I just got my (new to me) copy of the Fountain Tarot via a trade with another person on Aeclectic Tarot. I swapped my copy of the Rosetta, which is lovely, but has been languishing on the shelf for some time now. The Fountain feels refreshing to me.

I’ve just started some part-time work (Tower alert!) and today was my first day, working from home. My wee girl has just started kindy (alert!) and though she really enjoyed her first few days she’s been digging in her heels when I’ve dropped her off the last few days.

Today was a total doozy. I hung around as long as I could (half an hour at least) and then found myself checking my watch, thinking I have to get to this job thing! And feeling guilt about that too. Poor child had to be peeled off me by her teacher. Crying. Waaah.

Felt awful all morning, sitting at the dining room table, happy to be working but seriously thinking have I done this too soon?

Oh come on, self. She’s three. Not six months. I got a phone call from one of the teachers saying she was totally fine all day, had snapped out of it really quickly. Had even stood up and got everyone dancing when some ukelele players came to visit.

So everything’s ok, really. But at the same time, everything’s different. Big emotional upheavals, marking the beginning of her independence. My burgeoning independence after three years of being a constant presence for her. Weirdness abounds. But also, a new fresh, start.

Thanks, Fountain Tarot, for putting it all into perspective.

And I know I have some explaining to do – where have I been since 2014? I’ll save that for my next post…

The Fountain Tarot
By Jonathan Saiz, Jason Gruhl, Andi Todaro
Copyright © 2015
(Buy from The Fountain Tarot)

2 thoughts on “A Tower Day

    • Thanks Ellen – it’s nice to be back too. I love being busy with family (and little-person things) but it’s great to catch those pockets of me-time as well :))

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