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I am offering tarot readings via email. The price for a reading is $40 NZD.

If you decide to purchase a reading I will email you with a small questionnaire. I’ll then work with you to formulate a question (if required), and once you confirm that you’re happy with our approach and plan, I’ll begin the reading.

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How it works

I’ll base the format of the reading on your question. Certain questions, such as those dealing with relationships, are best addressed with specific spreads. Perhaps you have a general question about work, in which case I’d use a more general spread.

I will shuffle and draw on your behalf. If you would prefer to choose the deck I use or request any specific shuffling techniques, then please let me know when you order. I’m happy to incorporate these into my approach.

I will email you a pdf with a colour scan of the cards drawn and the reading.


If I believe your issues will be better served by a doctor, lawyer, investment advisor or mental health professional, please do not be offended if I recommend you speak to one of them instead.

I am not a certified therapist, counselor or psychologist, and my readings therefore come with the caveat “for entertainment purposes only”.

I sincerely believe all people have the ability to shape their own lives as they choose. Tarot readings are to be taken as representing possibilities and probabilities in life – not absolutes.

All sales are final, but I will work with you if you are dissatisfied with a reading for whatever reason.

I reserve the right to refuse to perform a reading. I believe tarot advice is best when used sparingly, and not repeatedly used for the same question within a short period of time.


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