New Year reading

Happy New Year! I hope your holiday celebrations were excellent and you are looking forward to 2014 feeling refreshed and energised.

We are still completely shattered, hehe, but that’s because we have a baby around the place who is nearly standing and walking by herself. It’s crazy times around here, I tell you! Added to that (and on top of all the wedding hoo-hah) we have been looking at a house! What was going to be a two-year plan of fixing up our place and selling it, has rapidly changed to a two-MONTH plan after we fell in love with a place we spotted while tyre-kicking. It’s still not all-go, but it’s looking likely.

I know – we’re idiots.

But in any case life has been insanely busy, or at least it felt that way after the wedding, and then Moo getting mobile, and the build up to Christmas. So: heartfelt apologies for the three month lapse in blogging, but I hope you’ll accept my excuse.

I would have liked to do my New Year reading yesterday, but the 2nd of Jan is close enough! I made up a little three-carder and pulled some cards from my newly-acquired Sacred Rose Tarot.

As a prelude to this I have to mention another story that really deserves a blog post of its own: a very kind woman who I met through Aeclectic Tarot recently bequeathed me her entire tarot collection: books, decks, even some beautiful spreadcloths and jewellery. I need to dedicate a post to this – and multiple posts to the beautiful decks in her collection – but that will come shortly.

In the meantime:

New Year reading

I also did a quick re-calculate of my birth year, and found I have moved to a 2 cycle. Twos are about duality and partnership, but they don’t usually indicate a great deal of forward movement or change; think of two planets circling one another, held in the other’s gravitational field. Something else is required before any change can occur. (The three!)

The positions for this New Year spread are as follows:

1 = What’s passed away

2 = Where I am now

3 = What’s in store in 2014?

Cups, wands, pentacles! Passing away are emotional concerns, while now is a time of energy and focus. There may be a focus this year on the financial side of things: setting ourselves up securely; “sowing seeds” for the future.

The two cycle also makes me think I’ll have a year to catch my breath before we try for another bubba. (Especially if 2015 will be a Three year!)

But back to the cards. The six of cups is wistful, dreamy, internal. It’s about desires and riding a wave of emotion. Last year had so many ups and downs, highs and lows: all part of bringing up a new person, bringing them into the world and showing them how it all works! There were plenty of teary nights, sleepless nights, but rapture as well. It’s sad to think that Leila’s babyhood is moving behind her.

The six of wands speaks of victory, of challenges conquered. We’ve come out the other side. It’s been a hell of a year. In many ways I do feel like a champion! The balance of the six (two triangles; balance and harmony) makes me think that I’m in a position where I’m now able to take on any new challenges. If you’d asked me four or five months ago I would have melted into a puddle. I’m feeling pretty energised these days!

The five of pentacles indicates there may be some money challenges – a lack of funds. Possibly due to a new mortgage? The five also speaks of change, indicating some forward movement there. But also looking at the figure on the card, though he is dressed in beggar’s robes, I don’t get a complete feeling of poverty when I look at this card. The figure instead seems to know what things to value and what things not to worry about. To me, he’s a St. Francis of Assisi figure, forsaking fancy clothes and instead looking for the truly precious. If those discoveries are ahead of me then 2014 will be a wonderful year indeed…

Sacred Rose Tarot
By Johanna Gargiulo-Sherman
Copyright © 1982 US Games
ISBN: 0-88079-012-1

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