A quickie!

Just a really quick draw tonight; I’ve been messing around with themes on my blogs and suddenly it’s nearly bedtime. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist the cartoon animals for this one! I know it’s sickly sweet, and probably won’t last long, but, awwwww….)

So just a quick three cards from the trusty PCS deck:


The Sun here is showing that the wonderful times associated with the wedding (yeah! I got married!) are already slowly slipping into the past. The fun, carefree days (where Steve was on leave, and we had friends and family staying) are over, and there is business at hand. Fortunately the King of Swords is in total control of the situation, and in order to handle any wobbles that come my way, I am going to have to be steadfast like he is. Mentally disciplined.

I’ve found it tough going looking after Leila by myself again during the days, especially with family all gone home now. The Seven of Wands indicates that things aren’t necessarily going to get any easier in the near future; what with a possible work trip away for Steve next month I’m really going to be flying solo, and I’m nervous about that. I know Moo and I will be fine, really, but it’s going to be tiring. The King, and the Seven, are telling me to brace myself and stand strong. The warm sunny memories of the last few weeks aren’t going anywhere, but I need to be realistic about what the coming days will bring.

5 thoughts on “A quickie!

  1. First Congrats!!! I am sure you will do just fine.I would see the Sun as a reminder to hold on to those memories. They will give you strength when you feel lonely.
    So chin up and smile 🙂

    • Thanks Ellen! Both for your good wishes and your take on the cards…the wedding’s definitely a joyful, sunny memory for us. Lovely to have the Sun in that spot 🙂

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