Watching the America’s Cup

Bit of a depressing day race-wise. But just for fun I grabbed my trusty Pamela Coleman Smith Centenary edition deck, and asked, “are we going to win race one?”

The answer? The eight of cups.

At first I pondered the card a bit. Did the red figure represent Team New Zealand, with its bright red sail? Why was it turning its back on all the shinies? (Did it mean we’d turn our back on the trophy?)

Sure enough, despite a fantastic start and a lead of over a kilometer(!) the race was called off right before we crossed the finish line… Apparently if you don’t finish the race within 40 minutes the whole thing is called off. (Is it just me or is this a weird rule? I know nothing about sailing, but still…) We felt just a tad disgusted that after such a great start, and a great race(!), it had boiled down to some weird techinicality. Perhaps that was us turning our back on this whole racing thing.

Ok, so we had some coffee and licked our wounds. And then sat down to watch race two.

Did I dare draw another card? I couldn’t resist.

The Five of Cups.

Definitely no victory here. Sob!


Sure enough. A disastrous race. And after the greatness that could have been with the first race… talk about crying over spilled milk!

Guess we’ll be tuning in tomorrow for yet another day of racing…

Smith-Waite Tarot Centennial Edition Deck
By Pamela Coleman Smith
Copyright © 2009 by US Games
ISBN: 978-1572816398

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