Busy with readings

For quite a while now, I’ve wanted to start reading for more people. Not just friends and myself, but strangers, people whose backgrounds and stories are unknown to me. I was thinking about this the other day (why do I actually want to read for others?), and the answer I came back with was a surprise but deep down, it’s not really. I want to do it because I enjoy helping people. Because I enjoy breaking out of my circle of friends and acquaintances and have good conversations with strangers. I want to talk about life. Make connections. Put myself out into the world, with my love and abilities and experience, and see what happens. Get out of my comfort zone!

So as part of this, a few days ago I took a deep breath, and offered some free readings to a Facebook group I belong to, a new mothers support group that lately has seen quite a few members putting up “Pay it Forward” posts, offering everything from frozen homemade baby food to homemade body scrubs, etc. It seemed a good time, and in keeping with what else was going on. So I put up my post, held my breath… at first there were just a couple of people who said they’d be interested, but then HEAPS more came, in a mini-landslide, with some even expressing an interest in a face-to-face reading! (I’m feeling a bit nervous about that, but excited too.)

So over the past couple of days I’ve been getting everything ready: hooking up my scanner so I can include some good-quality images of the cards I draw, setting up a OneNote notebook to include my readings, a Dropbox folder to sync all my files, and even a spreadsheet where I’m keeping track of who has requested a reading, their questions, year cycle info, email addresses, and a link to the pdf that I wind up creating from the OneNote page.

Here’s the setup:

the study

I’ve done two readings so far, and have another ten to go, with one of those taking place at someone’s house (she lives nearby). I’m excited and nervous at the same time. It’s all happening in a rush, and it’s wonderful.

One day down the line I’ll have to think about whether I offer readings for koha or bartering (I’d much prefer to barter with other people than to take money) or, gulp, actually charge. I’m not approaching tarot as a business I want to develop, so the money aspect isn’t anything to do with that. Rather: everything I have heard from people who are much wiser and experienced than I am, says that when someone has to pay for something they often place a greater value on it. They pay more attention, take things on board. And you are less likely to get people trying to abuse what you’re offering (you know: people who ask the same question to five different readers; people who think they need to withhold information or trick you somehow to see if you are “the real deal”).

I hope I don’t come across situations like this, because from the start I’ve always tried to be clear that I’m not the one with the answers. The cards don’t have the answers either. The answers come from that magic space between the tabletop and your brain. The same “magic” that happens when you read a book or look at a Matisse landscape. It’s all inside you.

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