It’s been a huge day today! Steve’s stag’s night is on tonight, and it’s taking place up the coast somewhere at an “adventure lodge”. We left the house at 9, to go pick up Hamish, one of his friends, at the airport, and then we all drove up the coast to Steve’s parents’ place, where everyone then transferred to his Dad’s car, and the three of them headed off into the wilderness, hehe.

Moo and I stayed for lunch with Steve’s Mum, and then we headed back to town. Along the way, we – whoops! – went in to Pinnacle Books, and got these:

Rumi - Druidcraft

The weird thing, is I’m sure these decks have been at the store for YEARS. Every time I’ve gone in I’ve looked at them and wondered…and then a year would go by and I’d go back in and think, “Hm….”

Then recently I saw someone posting on AT about how they were doing a deck of the month study on the Rumi, and then someone else had posted about how lovely it was, and I thought, “buggerit, I’m going to get it.” (At least now there’s some room for newer stock at the shop, heh.)

On top of just starting to read about the Rumi (which is looking to be fascinating!) I’ve also just completed eight readings on the AT reading exchange, using the Rosetta tarot. I got some fabulous feedback, and I was really pleased to hear my readings were accurate and useful. I do enjoy reading for others so much more than just reading for myself; you get into a really interesting flow, which is even better if the querant is taking part. (Though lately it’s been interesting to see how much detail the cards have been able to pick up on, even when people don’t give me the full story!) It’s a secret dream of mine to regularly read for others, so it feels really good when it happens.

The readings were great, but I’m exhausted now. The wee girl took an age to go down for her “nap” at 5:30, that seems to have spiraled out for three hours. She must be shattered. I don’t know if I should wake her up and give her a bath, or just let her sleep in peace.  I might just go pour myself a glass of wine and sit down with these new decks and wait and see what happens…

2 thoughts on “Whew!

  1. I ‘ve been looking around here and it looks great. I really like your blog. The Druidcraft tarot is one of my Favourites. I am not familiar with the Rumi tarot. I think a girl can never have enough decks 🙂

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