How can I get back on track?

I don’t always have a question when I sit down to look at the cards. But today, as I’m slowly starting to  get better from yet another cold, I wanted to ask the cards: “how can I get back on track?”

Work, writing, exercise – it’s hard to pick it all up again after having such low energy levels.

This is what I drew:

Eight Batons - King Coins - King Cups

The cards actually look quite promising to me…

The Eight of Batons depicts some workers in a field, harvesting grain. Seeds have been planted and tended well. The harvest requires a lot of effort (and it does look back-breaking), but everything is well-set-up to just get stuck in.

I see the two kings as representing:

  • practical vs emotional / creative

(though usually wands are more creative and cups watery emotions. But work with me here.)

  • What I need vs what I want
  • Follow my head vs follow my heart

The two kings, side-by-side, indicate to me that there’s a good balance in my life right now, ALTHOUGH the King of Coins is the one who’s going to get the harvest in (as he’s next to the batons). He’s even looking a bit towards them. The King of Cups is thinking of loftier, less tangible things. Let him do his thing but don’t let him be the one to dictate when the work gets done.

i.e. don’t let emotions come into play and swing you off course.

Looking at the Kings, who often represent experts in their respective fields, I also can’t help but think of the expression, “fake it ’till you make it.” Even if I don’t feel like a “Master of the Universe”, if I start to behave as if I am already master of my universe, then the rest will fall into place.

Old English Tarot
By Maggie Kneen
Copyright ©1996 by US Games
ISBN: 978-1-57281-040-2

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