Learning a new deck

It’s always a bit funny when you put down a well-used deck and pick one up that you don’t know – especially one that’s not a conventional RWS or Thoth or Versailles, with completely familiar symbolism. You put down your first couple of draws, and the first thing you think is: I want my old deck back, this feels weeeeeird!

It does feel weird picking up the Old English, even though I love the backs, love the feel of the deck (though it’s a bit too new-feeling at the moment. I think I need to punish it a bit, hehe), love the artwork, and love the challenge of those weird pip cards.

It does seem a bit “light”, though I have my suspicions that this is just due to the soft shadings of the artwork, and that in the end, this will be a deck that will be sharp and funny and dead-on. (Though let’s save the verdict for later.)

Oh – one other thing. I’m not sure how obvious it comes across in this blog, but when I do my actual readings, I don’t write my thoughts down immediately in the blog. I have a notebook that I write in, in pencil, and I scribble all sorts of thoughts – many not at all fully-formed. Especially during this whole new-deck phase, when I’m looking at the meanings of the cards, and interpreting how they relate to me personally, I sometimes usually wind up thinking, it could mean this….or this. Or what about this? Half the time I never come to one single conclusion, but let things be a bit more fluid.

Is that strange?

In any case, seeing as I have a really sore wrist (the babe is getting heavier and heavier, and I think I’ve strained my thumb lifting her up; but it then has somehow morphed into an achy wrist, which Steve has duly wrapped for me), I’m just going to copy in today’s three-card-draw, straight from the notebook. Apologies for the weirdness of my thought process…


14 August

Hanged Man – 10 Coins – Knave of Coins

Hanged - 10 Coins - Knave Coins

… How strange. Nearly identical to a week ago!

I like the Hanged Man card; it always makes me think of Odin; though these cards feature much younger characters on them.

This is an odd setup. The couple in the 10 (and their parallel dogs) are flanked by the other two.

The Hanged Man seeks knowledge.
The Knave seeks security.

Both face away from the 10 of coins…. curious?

Protecting it?
Rejecting it?

…this is the problem with positionless draws, I think. You can wind up going in circles.

These two represent the different ends of the spectrum for me, I suppose. I do desire knowledge (intellectual, spiritual), but also a secure environment (represented by the ten and knave).

But is there a message for me?

Hm. Oh, OK. I’m looking at Maggie Kneen’s notes. She describes the Knave of Coins as “a scholar, dedicated to learning and developing new ideas.”

So – he’s a practical learner; she also speaks of material rewards.

Are the cards telling me I’ve struck a good balance between the two? Between the spiritual seeking (and those ideas of simplicity, travelling rough and keeping things spare) and the desire for a comfortable base from which I can foster my love of learning.

I think so, based on the 10 of coins in the middle. Satisfaction in all areas.

How unusual for me!

Old English Tarot
By Maggie Kneen
Copyright ©1996 by US Games
ISBN: 978-1-57281-040-2

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