Just a really quick note to say I’ve just noticed some broken image links here… I’ll get to the bottom of it as soon as I can!

8 thoughts on “Images!

  1. hmmmm I just came across your blog and find it fascinating. Oh wait I sound like one of those spammers. I was looking for information on the Dreaming Way and clicked on your blog. There ~ better yes? I realize you are a new mom and that is ever so busy but I am curious if you will be coming back to post here. I fear I will be through the archives rather quickly. I am not a tarot reader myself tho I do purchase a few for the artwork. I have taken a week long intensive class on tarot and astrology for personal growth and my husband is a tarot historian. That sounds rather fancy but he has been published so there I can brag on his accomplishments.

    • Hi Elka! Thank you so much for your kind comments. I’ve had a couple of months of down time after I caught a nasty cold, but I’m slowly starting to ramp up again and will be back to my sporadic-but-hopefully-still-more-regular postings very soon 🙂

      What decks do you use? I bet there are some interesting conversations at your house over dinner! :))

      • Eh we are fairly boring with the usage I believe. He generally use Albano recoloring of RWS tho he uses Tarot of Dreams and lately Tarot de Marsailles more and more. He loves all Ciro Marchetti decks artwork wise. He won’t use his Visconti reproductions.

        I tend to collect for the artwork more than doing a spread tho I keep thinking I should do a daily 3 carder. I own RWS and Thoth of course, Zerner-Faber, Lunatic by Evan Yi Feng{I purchased the portfolio book for the husband and the cards only for myself}, Salt Doll Tarot, Fenesta {the one I mainly use}, Shadowscapes, Mage the Awakening deck {for Stephanie Pui-Mun Law’s artwork} Paulina, Golden, and The Knitter’s tarot. I have my eye on about 3 decks but I haven’t seen them in person. I live in a metro area so have access to several mystical shops but they never seem to carry the ones I want ~~ grouse o.0 Worse when Tarot Garden comes in the fall they don’t seem to bring the stock I want. My bad for not contacting them in advance with requests.

        link to the Salt Doll tarot images included, not for spam purposes but because it was a majors only deck from Korea and is sometimes called Korean deck. You can find it on ebay every once in a while if you are motivated:

      • Hi Elka, argh, my original reply to you just got lost somehow! But just wanted to say I checked out the Salt Doll and Knitter’s Tarot, as I’d never heard of them before. They both look beautiful! We don’t have much in my town in terms of esoteric stores (well, we have one, and its tarot collection is DIRE), so most of my tarot buying is online. It’s tough to get it right, and frustrating when you get it wrong, as it’s then rather difficult to convince people online to trade decks with you (due to prohibitive postage to and from NZ). Another good reason for me to revisit the decks I already have!

        Your blog looks really interesting, btw. I like your veggies in the pasta idea!

  2. I find the tarot collections around here Dire as well but am lucky in that we have a science fiction and fantasy convention that draws The Tarot Garden once a year. Of course with a zillionty decks they could travel with I have learned to express interest in one I want to see. I almost always buy my decks online as well OR unexplored off of a shelf. Salt Doll is a majors only so it was easy enough to see most of the art {i came across it when looking for Lunatic tarot} and The Knitters Tarot was created by a fellow knitter whose blog I followed long before she started working on it so I got in right off. The Knitters, Paulina and Shadowscapes were purchased after years of waiting for artwork to be done.

    I am taking a page from your book and dedicating August to Zerner-Faber. I find it basically too busy and small to use but will attempt to work with it all month in an effort to love it more. I believe it was the first deck I purchased to work with after RWS. Thoth I purchased for comparison’s sake and The Knitters I picked up in large part to support my friends work. That plus she is an amazingly creative and talented woman. My husband was surprised to discover how small the run was and then I pulled out ‘thanksgiving’ which only had 28 copies made.

    Thank you so much for your kind words about my blog~ honestly I used to blog several times a week when I did production knitting and now I am lucky to finish a project once a year. I am almost embarrassed to maintain the space but every once in a while it is nice to have.

    • I feel the same way about my other ‘personal’ blog; it’s been going for ten years and I cringe a bit when I look at the old entries! I hope the Zerner-Faber month goes well – will you be blogging about your adventures together?

      • I did and password protected it. I could not find any contact me information so I went to your other blog and stalked you over to the knitters and spinners and fiber enthusiasts site. I sent you a pm there with password. I was so tired yesterday and am more rested today. I have an overwhelming urge to shorten it by a zillionty words.

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