Busy, busy!

It’s been a busy few weeks since Easter.  We took our first road trip up north, to visit both sets of grandparents (and aunt, and great aunt and uncle, and my godmother!). We got back, had a few days to decompress, and then Steve was hit by a nasty stomach bug that half the people he work with got. We think it was a norovirus, which means someone must have come in to work without washing their hands after going to the toilet (urgh), and then touched something communal like elevator buttons (urgh, urgh!), that everyone else then touched (triple urgh!).

Fortunately neither Leila or I caught it, though poor Steve was put into quarantine in the spare room. Then I was hit hard with allergies. Needless to say tarot has unfortunately taken a back seat to everything else that’s been going on.

But today, I find myself with a moment to sit down and think, and so I drew a card:

Photo 11-04-13 2 55 18 PM (611x1024)

Typical, isn’t it? Everything going on, busy, busy, busy. The world’s got my attention these days.

International Icon Tarot
By Glow in the Dark Pictures
Copyright ©2003 GlowInTheDark
ISBN: 978-0972878815
(Bought from Glow In the Dark Pictures)

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