All a bit pleasant

Things are good at the moment. The sun is still shining, and the weather is good, though we’ve officially passed over into Autumn now. Great for us city-folk, though the entire North Island has been declared a drought zone, which is no good for farmers (though apparently New Zealand is going to have a bumper year for wine!).

I’ve been tarot-ing a fair bit still, including a couple of really cool exchanges on the AT forum. In one, we had to draw a card for a person, and perform a reading, first by analysing the colours in the card (and lack of colours), and then applying that to the figures and symbols. It was fascinating to see how much you could get out of just one card. Another was a TdM (Tarot de Marseille) exchange, which was done with a new spread I’d never used before, but went really well. There was also yet a third exchange, with a cool spread based on Saint Brigid, that I will have to share soon. There were no duds among them, and the people I was reading for said I’d given them some good food for thought. So it was a great success 🙂

I’m still really enjoying using the International Icon deck. The colours are fantastic, and despite the lack of detail I can really get a great deal out of these cards. I do wish the card stock was a bit sturdier; it’s just a bit thin for my liking. But it’s a relatively minor quibble really.

Here’re today’s cards:

ODW 26.03.13

7 of Cups – Queen of Swords – 9 of Pentacles

I never used to get the Queen of Swords coming up for me in readings, I suppose because in the past I saw myself as more artsy in a massively analytical surrounding. Things have changed now, where I’m in a emotionally-charged environment (at home raising a new baby), and I’m seeking out that intellectual side to challenge myself. That alone is really interesting and I believe requires more thought (especially as the QoS is coming up so frequently these days).

In any case, behind her is the choice of “what do I do with myself?” The looking-for-a-challenge scenario. I’ve decided I’m going to haul out my half-finished novel that I started early last year (50,000 words already completed) but abandoned as the pregnancy progressed, and as the story ground to a bit of a halt. I’m going to have to go back and find the thread of the story again (and cut out a large chunk of the writing), but I’m looking forward to it. But…

in front of the queen is the 9 of pentacles. All the nice distractions that are currently going on. I’m “faffing about in my garden”; just look at all the pentacles, the things to choose from, to do every day: knitting, sewing, doing things with bubs,  various chores around the house (laundry…loads of laundry…), tarot and the blog, the Discworld MUD game I’ve started up again, and socialising with friends. It’s all lovely, and I’m enjoying it. I just don’t seem to have the Queen of Sword’s drive at the moment…

International Icon Tarot
By Glow in the Dark Pictures
Copyright ©2003 GlowInTheDark
ISBN: 978-0972878815
(Bought from Glow In the Dark Pictures)

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