ODW 9-3-13

10 Pents – King Cups – 3Wands

Steve just drew a card this morning, and got the Queen of Pents. That’s often a card I think of as representing myself; it was interesting to see it showing up for him.

Anyway…10 Pents.

Successful, but idle. No real impetus to kick off anything new. Everyone looks content but nothing much is happening. Likewise, the King of Cups is emotionally stble, no romance dramas or turmoil It’s all good.

But the 3 of wands (heh, I just wrote “3 of wants”) shows that longing for travel, adventure, etc. I know it can represent “waiting for your ships to come in”, but in this reading it see it as that sense of wanderlust, and it makes me think of all the places int he world I dream about living in: Amsterdam, Portland, Cortona, or maybe even Föhr. I dream about having little cottages everywhere, places I zip over to and live in for a while.

The house we stayed at in Chefchaouen was a bit like that. Filled with books, movies, and a piano with loads of sheet music. We could laze around (recover from our stomach bugs) and relax. It was like being home.

International Icon Tarot
By Glow in the Dark Pictures
Copyright ©2003 GlowInTheDark
ISBN: 978-0972878815
(Bought from Glow In the Dark Pictures)

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