The One Deck Wonder

So I’ve decided to sign up for the One Deck Wonder “thing” going on at AT, using the International Icon Tarot for three months, and the Flornoy Dodal for three months. That means the Mountain Dream and Sacred Sites decks that I’ve been oogling lately have been put away for now.

You may well wonder, why would I do such a thing? Well, there are all sorts of reasons (some of which have been listed, and linked to, in the One Deck Wonder thread, above). For me, the appeal is:

  • In limiting myself to one basic deck, I allow myself to go deeper into the images, and not be distracted by specific artwork or theme.
  • I like the idea of spending time with just one deck, getting to know it intimately – the way I once did with the Connolly. Over time, as my excitement of acquiring new decks surpassed my enjoyment of using them, I lost touch with the wonderful feeling of having a battered old deck that you carry around everywhere, with cards you know intimately because you’ve experienced them in many situations, many times. I want to reconnect with that feeling again.
  • I do have too many decks. My collection is not large by any stretch – at least, compared to a lot of people on the AT forums. But I’ve reached a point where it feels too much. But I’m hard-pressed to think of which decks I would want to keep and which I’d want to get rid of. I’m too close to them all. I need to cleanse my tarot palate for a while, and then come back to them all with new eyes. There are some decks, like the Mary-El, that people absolutely adore, but that I found too “outside” the framework I want to work in. I think in order to keep things clean, to keep them clear, I want to stay with pure tarot, not with something that requires extra knowledge or understanding in order to “get”.

In celebration of all these things, I knitted a new case for the International Icon:

Knitted case

The cards, all wrapped up safe and sound inside…

International Icon Tarot


The case was knitted using a Mary K Greer pattern. It’s a quick and fast knit!

International Icon Tarot
By Glow in the Dark Pictures
Copyright ©2003 GlowInTheDark
ISBN: 978-0972878815
(Bought from Glow In the Dark Pictures)

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