It’s been a busy month!

I confess a lot of it has just swept by without me noticing even what day of the week it is (all those late night baby feeds will do that to you), but there has been a bit of tarot-related activity during that time:

  • I took part in my second Trade Train on Aeclectic Tarot (a riotous, irreverent event where “players” put up lists of decks for trading). I traded away my Icelandic (in Icelandic), my Silicon Valley, and a spare copy of the Lasenic’s Tarot, in exchange for a Deviant Moon, Jane Austen, and Ancestral Path. Another ATer, Myrrha, also wound up gifting me (I paid the postage) a copy of The Secret Language of Birds tarot. All but the Ancestral Path have arrived in the post, and I’m well overdue to spend a couple of hours one afternoon (when bubs will let me!) to go through them all.
  • I also received a copy of the Mountain Dream tarot (third edition), by Bea Nettles. I had drooled over this sixties photographic deck (a Rider-Waite clone that manages to somehow also keep a bit of its own personality) for ages, but copies of the first edition command exorbitant prices, while the second edition was out of print. Luckily, a third edition has recently become available:

Mountain Dream 2

Mountain Dream 1

  • I also had a little bit of a deck clear-out, selling on AT some decks that I hadn’t used in way too long (and that I didn’t feel like I particularly needed to hold on to), including the Alchemal Tarot: renewed (which is a little too obscure in its imagery for me to use), the Touchstone (beautiful, gorgeous! with gilt edges, thick stock, and a stunning box / book set. I never read with it; was it too perfect?), the Mary-El (despite really wanting to enjoy this deck, I found it “too much”, in the way that rich upholstry can often feel overwhelming – or is it just me?), the Rabbit (cute, but…), and the Hermetic Tarot (if I want Golden Dawn, I’ll just use the Thoth, thanks). Far from feeling upset about selling off what are some quite popular decks, I felt a sense of relief.  I do have a lot of decks in my collection (it was nearing the 50 mark!), and I’m not comfortable having something hanging around that I don’t use, or don’t absolutely love.
  • I do also have a couple more decks winging their way to me: the Sacred Sites, by Lo Scarabeo, and the International Icon, by Glow In the Dark Pictures. (They also did the Prairie Tarot, which I love.) I am seriously considering joining up with the “One Deck Wonder Resurrected” group on AT, and spend some time just with the International Icon (or II, as it’s affectionately known), and the Noblet Tarot de Marseille. I’m not sure how boring that will be for the blog (could you stand to look at pictures from just one deck, for six months?), but I do like the idea of going back to basics for a while, and really spending some time with just one deck.
Mountain Dream Tarot
By Bea Nettles
Copyright © 2012 Bea Nettles
(Bought from: www.beanettles.com)

2 thoughts on “Whew!

  1. Strange – I’ve been feeling exactly the same way about Mary El. Too much? Yes, particularly in the way the big chocolate box takes up so much storage space. And then there’s the deck itself – impressive, yes, and the images are nothing short of gorgeous, if a bit racy.
    But why do I need to tip the box upside down to get all the cards out?

    • I’ve still got the chocolate box lying around the place (it was too big to ship)… I was thinking I’d use it to put something in, but it’s just so massive. I might just throw it away – gasp!

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