Adieu, Dreaming Way

It’s the last day of working with the Dreaming Way deck. It’s been an unusual week, with a few surprising readings. Most were pretty “wide-focus”; at least they seemed to be at the time. I’ve decided next month to go back through my journal and have a review of January’s readings. Looking back at old readings is often the best way to really get a good feel for what a reading was really saying at the time. Often you’re just too close to the situation, or the querant (i.e. yourself) to objectively read at the time.

I didn’t have too much of a problem looking at today’s draw though:

DW 25.01.13

Queen of Pentacles – King of Pentacles – 4 Pentacles

… I think the baby’s coming soon (though of course this could just be wishful thinking! I’ve been pacing around the house, just waiting, this week). The Queen is even holding one! It’s not that much of a stretch, therefore, to imagine the queen representing me, the king Steve (going literally here), and the four of pentacles as the “outcome”. Stability, the change and dynamism of two and three having been overcome.

Even the guy on the 4 card is cradling one pentacle, almost reverently, while the king and queen are a bit more offhand with theirs (granted, she’s holding a baby in the other arm). It’s very easy to overlay your own thoughts and fears when you read for yourself, but the difference in how they hold their pents (the “fruits of their labours”) makes me think about how emotionally unprepared we are. We’ve done all the groundwork (in true King and Queen of Pents style), got everything ready at home, and yet we still have no idea what’s really going to hit us.

I think the 4 represents a bit of this reality; even his snood (hehe!) reminds me of the diapers we’ve been washing, getting ready to be used. We, like the guy who is sure of his “worth”, will soon become aware of just how much this new addition will change our sense of completeness.

Dreaming Way Tarot
By Rome Choi
Copyright © 2102 US Games
ISBN: 978-1-57281-712-8

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