Am I like Hans Castorp?

Wheel of Fortune – Knight of Pentacles – Hierophant

DW 22.01.13

The Wheel of Fortune – Knight of Pentacles – The Hierophant

I wondered how long it would take before the Wheel of Fortune card showed up… I’d like to think she’s untangling the mess, but perhaps she’s just making things worse! In any case, the wheel spins onwards, and change is afoot; what I’m experiencing now won’t last forever. Eventually that tangle will get untied!

Meanwhile, the Knight of Pentacles “soldiers on” across green fields. He’s steadfast, and reliable, though not yet at a stable Queen or King state. He’s moving away from the tangled wheel, where all her fussing still won’t change much, towards the Hierophant, who waits quietly for our lad in a green grove of trees.

The Hierophant has a lesson to teach our knight, about patience and acceptance. He’s tied up his keys (tools of the trade) and in this case has turned inward, though he is ready to share his knowledge with the knight.

I like this Hierophant. He makes me feel relaxed, and even a bit sleepy. The muted browns and greens of his clothes echo the colours in the Wheel of Fortune card, and makes me think of the knight as making a journey from one spiritual experience to another: from active to passive, to mental, to attaining a mentor of some kind.

It reminds me of The Magic Mountain, of Hans Castorp, who in my mind is a perfect Knight of Pentacles, and his mental journeys as he is exposed to different instructors.

Meanwhile the wheel spins on…

I have no idea how any of this relates to me at present. Perhaps it indicates my questing (really an ongoing process) will eventually lead me to someone who can offer some answers… and that I should keep my eyes open wide for them!

Dreaming Way Tarot
By Rome Choi
Copyright © 2102 US Games
ISBN: 978-1-57281-712-8

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