Feeling nine-ish

DW 21.01.2013

9 Wands – 9 Cups – Knight of Swords

I’m obviously feeling nine-ish today, with both the nine of wands and cups showing up in my daily draw.

Nines… numbers of satisfaction, completeness without the glut of the tens. Body, mind, and spirit all working together. And yet… the figures in these two nine cards look pretty bored! They’ve done the work, and now they’re waiting for the next phase, the last bit, to take them over into the tens (where things can really get bogged down). Neither are doing much to achieve this however. They look like much of the hard stuff has been completed, and the rest is out of their hands.

This is how I’m feeling now, and can’t help but see these two cards combined into a sort of “wandcup” state – i.e. the physical/energetic and emotional work has been completed. It’s time to rest now.

Charging in, however, is the Knight of Swords. He’s not content to rest (what Knights ever are?), but is certainly moving quickly into this restful scene, waving his wild ideas around. All this sitting around does give me a lot of time to think, and even rekindling these daily tarot draws, and my journaling and studying is giving me the stimulation that I can’t get in other aspects of my life right now. I guess I need to be careful that he doesn’t bowl in and disturb the peace too much: I really do need to enjoy this period of solitude and quiet (after all, the 9 card in the Major Arcana is our friend The Hermit).

Dreaming Way Tarot
By Rome Choi
Copyright © 2102 US Games
ISBN: 978-1-57281-712-8

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