Dreaming Way interview

With another new deck at home, I thought it was time for another deck interview spread:

In what way is this deck best used? The Hanged Man

What’s the key lesson the deck has for me this week? Queen of Wands

What’s the outcome of working with this deck for a week? 4 Cups

DW Interview

Dreaming Way interview

… I love how nothing seems obvious with this deck so far. The Hanged Man (well, girl), looks like she’s escaped from a Jean-Paul Gaultier costuming session; I can hear the wire hangers clanging in the breeze. Meanshile the ivy is threatening to wrap her up even more tightly! There’s something about those empty hangers I keep returning to. Without the clothes on them, what good are they? They’re like old bones, flesh stripped away. I guess that’s part of the essence of the Hanged Man card: there’s been a stripping away of illusion, of excess, so a clear-eyed picture can be gained.

This tells me that while unconventional, this deck still has a lot to say. It’s best used by really looking, really questioning each card in each place, rather than taking the RWS shortcut / shorthand, the way you might be inclined to with other RWS clone decks.

Key lesson: She looks like she’s overseeing some project: watching others carry out her plans. She’s too busy to sit down and give me a lecture, or explain everything. I’m going to have to do some of the legwork myself – she’s certainly not going to hand it to me on a platter. I’ll find use out of these cards – practical, helpful direction for my own projects and ideas – but I have to do the work to find it.

Outcome: Like the girl in the four of cups card, I’ll probably still feel like I’m missing something, some key to understanding these elusive images. Perhaps I’ll never really understand them. There may be some frustration but the illumination is there, as long as I remember to keep looking, all around me.

Dreaming Way Tarot
By Rome Choi
Copyright © 2102 US Games
ISBN: 978-1-57281-712-8

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