A puzzler

My Deck of the Week draw (still using the gorgeous Wild Unknown tarot) has puzzled me for most of the day:

WU 18.01.13

Strength – Mother of Cups (Rx) – Son of Wands (Rx)

I posted the following up on the AT forums:


It’s interesting to have a major arcana plus two reversed court cards…

Just to look at how they interact with each other, I turned the courts right-side up, and realised that upright, the Mother of cups points to Strength (past), while the Son of Wands looks to the future. Reversed, they point the other way (see attached).

Could I look at these with regard to this change? The best part of each can’t manifest because they are so busy looking the wrong way…

e.g. The Mother (Queen) worries about the future and becomes moody, instead of looking at what she already has, to use that to steady her emotions. Meanwhile, the Son looks back at past failures which drag him down instead of using his abundant reserves of energy to head off full-bore into his next project. Upside down, they look at each other… Am I at the point between them? Do they blame the other for their reversed states?

Mary K Greer, in her Tarot Reversals book, says when there is a “preponderance of reversals” to determine if the reversed cards express an overall theme. Then you proceed with the reading (cards turned back upright), while looking for ways to unblock their “beneficial potentials”…


It just goes to show how often working with reversed cards can just obfuscate the issue even more. Then again, I’ve often found it difficult to interpret spreads with a large number of court cards in them, so reversed or upright, I think I’d still be wondering about this one…

The Wild Unknown Tarot
By Kim Krans
Copyright © Kim Krans of the Wild Unknown

2 thoughts on “A puzzler

  1. Wild unknown is a very beautiful deck. As for reversals to me it wasnt till recently i took reversals into consideration and it has made my readings come out better and more accurate.

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