Just a little reminder…

The Lovers – 3 Cups (Rx) – 10 Pents

(I don’t know why this deck wants to be read with reversed cards, while others don’t. No idea.)

WU 15.01.13

The Lovers – 3 Cups (Rx) – 10 Pents

The Lovers have come back again! That’s four times in eight days. I honestly can’t read this as anything but Steve and I. We’re certainly on a journey together right now.

On the opposite side – 10 pentacles. Like we were saying last night, we’re in a perfect situation to do this (have a baby). Financially secure, stable relationship, happy. We’ve got a good thing.

But in the middle – what’s stopping us from celebrating, from being out-of-our-heads happy?

…it’s so unknown. We don’t know what effect the new baby is going to have on our lives. But everything’s lined up. Life is good. We need to recognise this and make ready to celebrate with our dear friends!

(I know this is a short one – but sometimes tarot is like that – short, sharp, sweet and to the point! In other news, I’ve been massively distracted by my new Kindle Paperwhite that arrived in the post today, via New Zealand Post’s new international shipping service, YouShop. Very happy with the service, but now I’m trying to race through reading¬†The Book Thief so I can get on to some Kindle-y goodness!)

The Wild Unknown Tarot
By Kim Krans
Copyright © Kim Krans of the Wild Unknown

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