A coffee date with The Wild Unknown

Going ahead with the Deck-of-the-Week draws, with the (very new) Wild Unknown deck.

It’s always a bit … well, “nerve wracking” is probably a bit extreme, but it can be unsettling when you first start to use a new deck. Often you’ll choose to buy one because you like the artwork, or even because it’s been recommended by other people. But sitting down, after a day or two of just shuffling, and waggling the cards around to get them feeling just a bit seasoned – that first “proper” draw feels odd. A bit like when you’re first making friends with somebody, and you take that step from enjoying each other’s company in the relative safety of mutual friends (or communal atmosphere, depending on where you first met), to taking that plunge to inviting them out for coffee, just the two of you. You never really know if you’re going to hit it off like you thought you might.

So on my first coffee outing with the Wild Unknown, I drew the following cards:

The Devil – 2 Wands – The Empress

WU 14.01.13

The Devil – 2 Wands – The Empress

…which I considered to be a rather bold opening to our relationship, considering we’d only just met yesterday.

But still, I have to hand it to “WU”; it’s pretty on the money here. The Devil and Empress are cards that represent me – the Devil for my Capricorn self, and the Empress is my birth card. Two sides to my personality, you could say.

You don’t need to know a thing about the tarot to understand the traditional take on the Devil card. The Devil’s certainly about indulgence, about letting yourself go and enjoying all those finer (and not-so-fine) things in life. Indulging the senses in, shall we say, sensory stimuli. But as much as our knee-jerk reactions tell us this is a “bad” card, sometimes the Devil card shows up in a reading to tell us we actually need to let loose a bit more, to stop and take time to smell the roses. (Though I admit there is something odd about feeling a bit cheery when the Devil card shows up. )

The Empress, on the other hand, is the card of fertility, nurturing, the mothering instinct, growth, shelter – and being a mother! All good things, of course, but this fine lady also has negative qualities too – over-parenting being one of them. (Never letting the kids leave the nest and find their own feet!)

Between them is the Two of Wands, in the shape of two sticks that I see as locked into the start of a duel. They haven’t yet crossed, but they’re “on point”. It shows these two opposing energies have clashed against each other; but neither one yet appears to be overpowering the other. Things are actually in balance between the Devil’s indulgence and the Empress’s responsible nurturing. The fact that this is coming up at a time when I’m about to take those early first steps as a mother myself, and finding it hard to imagine myself as a “mum”, I think is significant indeed.

So – I need to find that balance between the indulgence of my twenties (and yes, there was a lot of indulging) and this next step of not just being responsible for myself, but for someone else. (Not that there’s been any indulging since I got pregnant!). I don’t want to find myself in the extreme of either camp: I’ve had it with heavy drinking, late nights, and all that jazz, but I also don’t want to turn into a smother-mother who only feels validated in life through her kids. I don’t want to lose my independent side, but I also want to be a good parent. I don’t want to be “bad” or “good” – I just want to be me. And I guess the next few weeks / months / years will be a real learning experience into how well I can keep these two energies in balance.

The Wild Unknown Tarot
By Kim Krans
Copyright © Kim Krans of the Wild Unknown

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