Deck of the Week: The Wild Unknown tarot

Well, the Wild Unknown was just a little too exciting for me this week, so I’m going to defer the Rosetta to next week (assuming of course that the bub hasn’t arrived yet then!).

Taking a cue from the lovely Saidenne blog, I thought I’d do an interview for this new deck before getting into anything too personal. Without further adieu, I present The Wild Unknown Deck Interview:

WU laying the cards

What’s in store?

Position 1: In what way is this deck best used? – Ace of Swords (Rx)
Position 2. What’s the key lesson this deck has for me this week? –
Daughter of Cups
Position 3. What’s the outcome of working with this deck for a week? –
The Fool

WU Interview

The Wild Unknown – known!

(I love this deck – it’s beautiful.)

The reversed Ace of Wands tells me that the deck is best used by not over-thinking the results; by letting the “subterranean lightning” (subconscious inspiration) illuminate the cards’ meanings rather than “left braining” it too much. Just looking at these cards (all of them), I’m reminded that the use of light and dark, and placement and use of colour, are all keys to using this deck.

This very cute Daughter of Cups indicates that the lesson I’ll get from using the Wild Unknown this week is how to stay emotionally honest.  The “Daughter” card, which corresponds to the traditional Page suit, can be interpreted as the “Earth of Water”. Pages often bring news, or even represent a younger person. In this context however I see the lesson relates to staying grounded, even when “floating”, but also remember to stop and look at the colours, reflections, patterns and things that give you pleasure, as a young person would.

Our fluffy friend makes a return in the last card, the outcome, or result of working with this deck. She’s come out of the water and is back up, wobbling, perched on a tree. Isn’t this a lovely Fool card? The duckling has no idea if her wee wings will carry her but she believes she’ll be able to fly (perhaps her Mama is shouting encouragement from somewhere below as well). To me, the Fool in this position tells me to consider this as the first step of a long journey together… and using the Wild Unknown will show me a new, less-scripted way of approaching tarot.

The Wild Unknown Tarot
By Kim Krans
Copyright © Kim Krans of the Wild Unknown

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