Still contemplating

The Daily Chagallian draw continues, with yesterday’s musings focusing on the differences and similarities between the High Priestess and the Magician, and what seeing these two cards together can mean:

WGC: The High Priestess and The Magician

Wild Green Chagallian Tarot: The High Priestess and The Magician

As I posted on the Deck of the Week forum:

I like how their gestures are the same – a right hand lifted up, and to the side, but apart from this the body language and meaning behind the gestures are so different. She’s silently contemplating the beauty of ripe fruit on a tree, while he’s making a “ta-daa!” flourish.

She’s blue and solitary, though with hints at sexuality / loss of innocence, with the stand-offish unicorn in the distance, the hearts on her dress, and the leaf falling off the tree. He, meanwhile, is all about the spectacle, from the broken plate on the floor, to his rotating head (!) and ghost-like assistant who looks to be performing some slight-of-hand of her own.

They are very much a yin and yang, two sides of the same magical coin. Introvert and extrovert / quiet vs charged energies / left brain – right brain stuff.

Perhaps these two cards together are trying to encourage me to find that place between these two characters – not to withdraw, to be a bit more bold, to see what attentions my (inner, usually hidden) skills and abilities and interests can generate?

Anyway, they are just musings.

This morning, after a cup of green apple tea to wake myself up (after yet another terrible night’s sleep), I pulled three cards from the Vision Quest Tarot, another favourite deck with Golden Dawn leanings rather than RWS-symbolism, and soft, beautiful artwork:

Vision Quest Tarot

Vision Quest Tarot: XXI: Big Medicine Wheel – VI: Lovers – 4 Air: Contemplation

In looking at these I realised:

  1. The Lovers card has been coming up for me a lot lately, in some really unusual pairings (with The Sun, but also the Tower, a few days ago). I want to read it “objectively” but all I can see is Steve and me, weathering whatever changes come our way. I see this as the centre card of this particular spread.
  2. Looking at The World, or in this case, the Big Medicine Wheel card, my first thoughts link back to the traditional Wheel of Fortune card, known in this deck as the Small Medicine Wheel. So I can’t help but think of this as more of a “celestial Wheel of Fortune”, if that makes sense.

But what does that mean in this context? First thoughts: suddenly feeling small, in the grand scheme of things. Pregnancy has made me realise that though I like to think of myself as spiritual, rational, and transcending my bodily limits, at the end of the day I’m still a completely biological entity. The process and changes I’m going through, while mind-blowing, are things that all mammals experience. And in thinking of life, this new life, I also think of death: my own, and all the generations of family who came before, who loved and lost and made families of their own, and died and were gradually forgotten.

It’s the “big wheel” that “keeps on turning” here.

On the other side of the lovers is “Contemplation”, certainly something we’re both going through. This can be a positive and a negative, and I’m wondering if the nightime scene is somehow referring to some of those hidden fears that always seem to come out when you’re trying to sleep at night.

After last night’s terrible sleep, those feathers are also reminding me of all the layers I’ve got piled up on the futon at the moment, to try and save my aching hips! The bad sleep has meant I’ve spent quite a few hours over the past few days, lying awake at night, contemplating… and so perhaps this card’s also (inadvertantly) telling me I need more padding on the mattress so I can relax a little more at night, and put all the negative thoughts to bed as well.

Vision Quest Tarot
By Gayan S. Winter / Jo Dosé
Copyright © 1998 AGMüller
ISBN (10): 3-905219-44-1
Wild Green Chagallian Tarot
By Penelope Cline
copyright © Fig Tree Press

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