A different perspective

Today’s draw is:

The Hanged One – The Chariot 

WGC: The Hanged One - The Chariot

WGC: The Hanged One – The Chariot

In today’s combo, the Hanged One doesn’t look much like the traditional Hanged Man; the figure is a fairy or sprite of some kind (but with no wings), hanging upside down from a twig of Linden, which apparently self-fertilizes. On the fairy’s wrist is a purple snail. The fairy itself has a quite androgynous look (reinforcing the Linden characteristics), and seems immensely calm and content viewing the world from its altered, but self-sufficient perspective.

The figure in the chariot is a bit similar – at least the hair colour is the same, and though there’s still a bit of androgyny here I get more of a male vibe.

The “chariot” is led by a rooster and a goat, each looking in opposite directions. (Though both the Hanged One and Charioteer look straight ahead). What’s also interesting is the positioning of the houses in this card; they are all surrounding him, almost as if seen through a fish-eye lens. None feel “right”; they’re all distorted somehow. But all the same this distorted view of “home” still embraces and frames our champion.

Lastly the flower – Borage; related to the Gaelic word for courage.

Other things in the Chariot card worth noting: the asymmetric pattern on Chagall’s coat. The heart on his sleeve. And again, the chaotic tumble of the village.

The message seems to be about bringing conflicting forces together, about wrangling them in line with courage and force, in order to achieve victory.

So compared to each other, brought together, the cards seem (to me) to show that there are (again) conflicting approaches to solving a problem, both completely valid. One is to take the straight-on approach, to press on despite the chaos around, and to use it to forge a new direction.

The other is to embrace the unknown, the chaotic, and let it spin one about, in order to find that new perspective that will help you find your way.

What works one way for one person may not work for you.

How this relates to me personally? I can’t help but think of all the different (often conflicting) sorts of advice I’m getting these days about the pregnancy, labour, babies, and all the rest. It’s often hard to get perspective when you’re right in the middle of it all as well. If I’m able to take a bit of this, a bit of that, and see a new path through for myself, then that’s great – but I need to realise and recognise that a lot of my learning will be during those topsy-turvy times when I’ll have to go through all the trials of bringing up a little one that doesn’t come with a LWB…

Wild Green Chagallian Tarot
By Penelope Cline
copyright © Fig Tree Press

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