Lasenic’s Tarot

For quite a while now I’ve been using the Lasenic’s Tarot deck, a somewhat obscure Czech tarot that’s still loved by quite a few. First published in 1938, and inspired by Oswald Wirth’s designs (Lasenic studied with Wirth), it’s a curious mix of light and dark – especially in the Major Arcana:




The Hermit


The High Priestess


The Moon


Ace of Swords

(Wonky scanning is my own.)

Trigon Publishing of Prague is the current publisher, and I recently approached them to ask for permission to include their deck as the header image for this blog. Not only did they give me permission to use the images of their cards (in any form; thus the scanning), they also included in their email a wonderful snippet of the history of this interesting deck:

Lasenic’s Tarot was designed by Pierre de Lasenic (original name Petr Kohout, 1900-1944) and drawn by Vladislav Kuzel (1898-1965). Originally it was published in black and white as illustrations in Lasenic’s book “Tarot, klic k  iniciaci” (Tarot, The Key to Initiation, 1938-1939). In the midst of members of secret society Horev, which was founded by Lasenic, were used private copies of this cards, also in black and white version. Later it was coloured,  according Lasenic’s instructions. This colourfull version was pattern for our edition of Lasenic’s tarot cards. We published it in 2001 and it is still available.

Trigon has done an amazing job with this deck: the cards are a bit fatter and squatter than your “usual” Lo Scarabeo or US Games-style tarot. The card stock is durable but has the most wonderful texture – not glossy, not laminated…almost waxed? Very easy to shuffle, and with a lovely aged look to the backs:


Lasenic’s Tarot – back design

Interestingly, there isn’t a lot of information on the net about this deck, as far as I could find. There was some conversation about it back on the Aeclectic Tarot forums (nearly ten years ago!), but other sources such as Tarotpedia are sketchy at best.

Lasenic’s Tarot Deck
By Petr Kohout and Vladislav Kuzel
copyright © 2001 by Trigon Publishing
(No ISBN?)

9 thoughts on “Lasenic’s Tarot

  1. Hey I can’t find this deck anywhere, besides bootlegs, where did you purchase yours, or how did you contact the publisher, maybe they can help me! Thanks so much, if you see this, lol

    • Hi Carissa,

      I got my copy from, and they were the ones who gave me the publisher/deck information.

      Hope that helps? I know it’s not an original copy but I was pleased with my deck in any case.

  2. Loved your post!! How can I contact the Trigon Publishing? I tried to connect Them through Vincent Bridges last year when I was in Prague but could not find them. Warmly, KB

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